Principles for Reviewing

Review Form

Since 2013, the principles for reviewing academic papers in “Studia Nauk Teologicznych PAN” have been following the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

1. Each paper is reviewed by two independent reviewers from outside the institution to which the author of the paper is affiliated.

2. In the case of texts written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers should be affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the author.

3. Reviews are carried out according to the requirements of the so-called double-blind review process, i.e. the author of the reviewed paper and the reviewers do not know each other’s identity.

4. In other cases, the reviewer should sign a statement of no conflict of interest, expressed as:
direct personal relations (kinship, legal relations, conflict),

reporting relationship,
direct research cooperation within two years preceding the review.

5. The reviewer completes a review form in writing. The review can be also produced with the use of the reviewer’s own schema, but it should include a clear statement concerning admission of the paper for publication or its rejection.

Main criteria for admitting papers for the reviewing procedure:

A paper submitted for review
concerns subject matter consistent with the journal profile,

shows appropriate structure and the use of academic language,
has been provided with footnotes (research apparatus), abstract, keywords,
should demonstrate originality or should bring new aspects and points of view, in case it refers to previously discussed issues,
should satisfy formal requirements specified under the “For Authors” tab.

The author of the paper should be aware of and comply with regulations set forth in the “Act on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights” (Dz. U. No. 24 of 23.02.1994)

In case of two negative reviews, the paper cannot be published. If one of the reviews is negative, the decision concerning publication is taken by the editing committee, which may appoint an additional reviewer.